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Assertiveness Skills & Communication

Assertiveness skills help us to communicate honestly and respectfully with others without becoming too anxious.

Becoming more assertive does not mean that we trample over the rights and feelings of others.
It means that we are able to listen to others with respect, while also being able to speak up for ourselves, and ensure that our needs are not always at the bottom of the list.

An assertive approach builds self-confidence and strengthens our ability to make our own choices in life, by helping us to manage the stress of communicating in difficult situations.

  • On this course, you will learn the difference between assertive and non-assertive behaviour.
  • You will be able to practice some key assertiveness skills in small supportive groups.
  • You will have the opportunity to consider some of the situations in your life where you struggle to be assertive.
  • You will draw up a personal assertiveness strategy and action plan to put your learning into practice!

Other topics covered:

• Personal rights
• Making clear specific requests
• Learning how to say ‘no’
• Handling criticism – both on the receiving end and when you need to confront someone else
• The impact of body language on communication
• Giving and receiving complements
• Taking the initiative

The workshop will feature group discussions, practical exercises in pairs and small groups, and tutor input supported by handouts.

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