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Tracy Keating

'Very approachable, warm, reassuring and down to earth.'

City Lit Student

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Starting counselling can feel like a big step. You may have many questions. How long should it last? How much does it cost? Will the counsellor understand me? Will they tell me what to do? Are my problems big or important enough to bring to counselling? Will what I say be confidential?
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Whomever you go to for counselling, it’s important that you feel comfortable with that person, and that you don’t feel judged.

When I am counselling or facilitating groups, I focus on creating a warm safe space where the person can feel heard and accepted.

While I have a lot of experience of helping people to deal with their problems, I believe it is important to help someone to find their own answers to whatever difficulty they are facing.

By talking and sharing your difficulties with a trained experienced companion, counselling can be a transformative experience which can help you to move on with your life in a positive way.

In addition to one to one counselling, I also offer a range of personal development workshops. Read more >