'Counselling can bring about sensitive issues and I really feel like you have dealt with everything brilliantly.  You have been so approachable and genuine, thank you so much.'

Private client


Counselling with Tracy Keating

How I work

As a counsellor I offer a warm non-judgemental space where someone can explore and express what’s troubling them.
I try to help the person to find a deeper understanding of their difficulty, and I work with them to find ways of coping, and to make positive changes in their lives.

I generally work within the Person Centred approach (more information below).
However certain counselling styles suit some people more than others, so I draw from a range of approaches to provide the right kind of support for whomever I am working with at the time.

The counsellor in the Person Centred approach aims to provide an environment in which the client feels deeply accepted as they are. This can help the client to experience and accept more of who they are as a person, and reconnect with their own values and sense of self-worth. This reconnection with their inner resources helps them to find their own way to move forward.

Issues I can help with

I have a lot of experience of helping people through difficult times in their lives.
These difficulties might have a range of causes including: depression, a bereavement, experience of sexual abuse, domestic violence, abortion, fertility problems, low self-confidence, stress, divorce, difficulty in asserting oneself, relationship problems etc.

Some people talk about problems they are experiencing in the present, and some people bring painful experiences or events from the past.
Often people can feel distressed due to issues in their relationships, whether with family members, partners, friends or colleagues.
Sometimes someone has been feeling low for a long time, and is not sure why.
Someone’s confidence might have taken a knock due to a setback, or they might be suffering from a loss of some kind.

When someone is able to express how they feel in counselling, and gain insight into their difficulties, we can work together to find ways to address these issues, and to move forward.

Please see sections on Rates & Practicalities, and Confidentiality for more information.

If you are considering counselling and have any questions that haven’t been answered here then please get in touch: 
tracy.keating123@gmail.com    07814 71 00 24




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