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Improve your Body Image - Learn to like your looks

Our body image is an essential part of how we feel about ourselves, and can have a significant impact on how we relate to others.

How we feel about our appearance can vary from day to day. When we are having a good day we might like some things about the way we look, when we are having a bad day, we might struggle to leave the house.

We can all feel under enormous pressure from magazines, T.V., films etc to look a particular way, and feel that we have failed if we do not.

Topics include:

• On this course you will have the chance to explore how you feel about your appearance, and how these feelings affect your day to day life.

• You will examine the links between negative body image and low self esteem.

• You will challenge some of our commonly held assumptions about body image, such as ‘physically attractive people have it all.’

• You will learn strategies and insights for becoming more accepting of your looks

• You will learn ways of coping with situations and activities that you might currently avoid because of negative body image

• You will have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of yourself as a whole person

Often we can feel embarrassed about our negative feelings about our appearance.
We worry that if anyone knew how much distress we feel about our looks they would think we were vain and superficial.
Being able to share our worries about body image with others who feel the same can feel like an enormous relief.

On this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore your body image worries in a safe, supportive and confidential space.

The workshops will include group discussions, exercises in pairs and groups, and tutor input with handouts.


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