'Loved her warm, accepting and open facilitation of the class.'

City Lit Student

Personal Development Workshops with Tracy Keating

Learning in a workshop situation can be a very special experience.
It can be reassuring to learn that other people struggle with the same things that you do. Whether you find it difficult to say no to something you don’t want, or judge yourself harshly when you make a mistake, you will find that other people often feel the same way.

Personal development workshops are a very effective way of learning and practicing new interpersonal skills. By practicing new skills - such as being more assertive - in a friendly supportive group, you can try out different ways of behaving, and get feedback on how you’re doing.

When I am running workshops, I work with the group to create a learning space that feels warm and supportive. I believe we learn best when we feel comfortable and safe enough to try new things.

Some people are more comfortable speaking in a group situation than others. I therefore make sure that people have the chance to work together in pairs, and small groups of three or four.

There is usually a lot of laugher and good humour in my workshops.  People feed back to me that they learned so much and really enjoyed themselves at the same time!

Workshop topics: 

Assertiveness skills and communication >

Raising Confidence and Self-Esteem >

Improve your Body Image – learn to like your looks >

If you would like to find out more about any of the workshops please get in touch: 
info@tracykeating.co.uk    07814 71 00 24



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