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Raising Confidence & Self-Esteem

When our confidence is low we can look at other people and think that they are so confident, they must have no worries or self-doubts.

We can compare ourselves to others, and put ourselves down. We believe that if only we could be more like ‘so and so’, our lives would be so much better.

When we talk about self-esteem we mean the way we value ourselves as a whole person.
Our self-esteem, whether high or low, develops as a result of our experiences throughout our lives.

When we talk about self-confidence we mean the way we feel about our particular abilities or skills.
For example someone might feel quite confident about their cooking skills but dread the thought of having to speak in public.

On this course we will explore our strengths and positive qualities, and focus on learning to accept ourselves as we are.

We will look at developing confidence from within, and let go of the need to constantly please others in order to feel liked.

Topics include:

• What is low self esteem and how does it affect us in day to day life
• How does low self esteem affect our relationships
• Practical exercises to develop self-acceptance
• Learning to use coping ‘self-talk’
• Becoming aware of our strengths and positive qualities
• Preparing for challenging situations
• Taking the initiative and setting goals
• Enjoying positive activities

This workshop will feature group discussions, practical exercises in pairs and small groups, and tutor input supported by handouts.


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